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Put In Bay, Day #2

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Aug. 14th, 2004 | 11:00 am

Put In Bay--Day #2

Today was also a wonderful day. We rented a golf cart. I hate to drive those things so Shane did all the driving. We went to Perry's Cave and bought tickets for the 10:15 tour of it. While we waited, we played putt-putt: "The War of 18 Holes".

Perry's Cave was nothing spectacular like Mammoth Cave, but it was interesting. It was pretty large and the ceiling was rather low. I didn't have to duck (5'2"), but Shane did. There was also an underground lake there. It was clear and it was filtered water from Lake Erie. It looked about 2 feet deep, but the guide said it was deceptive looking and was really 6 feet deep! It was very cool down there and I could really feel the heat and humidity as we walked back up.

There was a dime flattener there, so we flattened our first dime. Our next stop was next door at the Butterfly House. There was a penny flattener there with 4 designs. They had a shot glass, too! It was really neat--it was like a green house...with butterflies! I was wearing a bright reddish/orange shirt and as soon as we walked in, one landed there on my shoulder! It stayed there long enough for Shane to take several pictures of it. The butterflies were so pretty! I took several pictures of them and I had ONE picture that was enlargement-worthy.

Our next stop was right across the street at the Heineman Winery, where we bought tickets for the tour of it and Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave is the world's largest geode. It was discovered when they were trying to dig a well years ago. There are stairs down into it and huge crystals and room for people to walk and stand! We toured the winery again and they talked about their wines. They've added a few wines since we were there last in 1997.

We got a token for a free glass. I had a very dry red and Shane got a very sweet red. I had the bartender sign my shirt! We sat down and made a list of the wines we wanted to fill a whole case for a 20% discount. We ordered it and took it back to our room. It was very heavy!

After that, we continued to browse the shops and I got a drink whenever we came across a bar on the shirt. We went to the old fish hatchery and looked around there and then we went driving out on the semi-residential part of the island. We found the campground/beach where the Victory Hotel used to stand. That's one strange thing about the island...everything burns down! We took the train tour back in 1997 and the guide would say, "This is where the first school house stood....but it burned down.....This is where the Victory Hotel stood....but it burned down....This is where this other hotel stood...but it burned down.....This is where the Firehouse was...but it burned down!" It got laughable after awhile! When Shane made a comment about how everything seemed to burn down to the Perry's Cave guide, he said that it seems like any large structure on the island burns down.

We found Joe's Bar...a little out of the way bar that also had a shot glass. I also bought a shirt there. We didn't eat there...and we didn't get back there, even though we wanted to. It was so out of the way that it wasn't even on the t-shirt! We finished up the bar crawl through out the day and one lady commented at our last stop, "You don't look like the type to do a bar crawl."

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From: misscoffeebean
Date: Aug. 14th, 2004 12:44 pm (UTC)

i would love to see a pic of the butterfly on your shoulder! there is a butterfly exhibit at the Indy Zoo and you can go there every year and become a 'human landing strip' or butterfly airport, as they advertise it...i love butterflies!

6 drinks! i can't hold 6 drinks!

that is funny about the places burning down. was everyone snickering? :D


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From: happy_scrapper
Date: Aug. 14th, 2004 01:26 pm (UTC)

The 6 drinks were throughout the day. I had a few mixed drinks and 2 or 3 glasses of wine. I forgot to go through my "bar guide" before I left for drinks I'd like to try.

No one else mentioned things burning down. My neighbor was the one who pointed it out to us. He was a jr. in HS and he was snickering when every thing burned down. There is now a new 3 story resort with a big outdoor pool and a restaurant on premises (you can see it from the top of Perry's Monument) and Shane and I are giving it 15 years. ;P

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