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Put In Bay, Day #3

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Aug. 14th, 2004 | 11:00 am

Put In Bay--Day 3

Today it rained...almost all day. It was cold. I was glad I'd packed jeans and a sweatshirt and two ponchos. We ate breakfast and then went back to our room and let it rain. I'd made sure we'd packed books and things to do in case this happened. A few days earlier, when I'd checked the weather report, it was supposed to rain all week!

We were going to go to Gibraltar Island at 1:15pm on the water taxi. We left about 11:45 to go to the Historical Society where there were displays from the Victory Hotel and models of ships and boats. There were photos and write ups of the buildings, including the ones that burned down, were there, too. We also watched a video on the History of South Bass Island (AKA--"Put In Bay").

We were at the water taxi at 1:30 and over to the island by 1:40. There is an Ohio State Laboratory over there....they do a lot of biology and have classes and workshops. There were 15 of us who went over for the tour of the facilities (they're trying to let people know that they're there and offer classes) and the whole island, which isn't that large. We were able to see the lab from across the lake and it was nice to see it up-close. Our guide (who teaches there) showed us around the island. We saw Gibraltar House, where the laboratory staff lives when the island is open (spring, summer and fall quarters). By this time, it had stopped raining and was just over-cast.

We got to see Cooke Castle. Jay Cooke bought the island for $4,001 back in the late 1800's. The "castle" was built in the 1860's and it reminded us of a local mansion that was built around the same time and it's being fixed up. It even smelled the same. We got to go into the first floor.

Then, we saw Perry's Cornerstone, wehre Jay Cooke started his own Perry's Monument--before one was built on South Bass Island. We also went to Perry's Lookout, where we saw the swimming hole (it's still used by students today) and "The Needle's Eye"....a rock formation that was formed when a rock fell over on top of a rock already standing in the lake. From the lookout, you could see all around on the lake. Our last stop before going back to the lab was a stop at the glacial grooves. At the lab, we looked at lake water under the microscope and saw fish head. It was a 2 hour tour and well worth the fare to get over there and the $10.00 donation there!

Back on Put In Bay, we walked around and looked in more shops before they closed. At one shop, I found a writing set. Shane had purchased this beautifully bound book for me in Athens. It was covered in short blue velvet and looked Indian (the country). The pages didn't have any lines and looked like it should be written on with a fountain pen. I've used fountain pens with cartridges and ones that you have to dip in the pot and suck the ink up. I've also used a dip-only pen to out-line a picture I painted back in 7th grade.

This writing set had 2 pens and a total of 8 nubs for the pens and it also had a glass pen! I'd never seen one before. The lady told me that the ink goes up into the swirls on the pen and comes down as you write. It also had 6 different colors of ink and a stick of sealing wax, with three different seals and a melter. It was 20% off and Shane convinced me that I would be kicking myself later if I didn't get it. So...I got it! I can't wait to try it out! I need a writing desk like in "Driving Miss Daisy". Wait...I HAVE one...only it's a "secretary" and keeps other things....and nothing having to do with writing.

The sun finally came out and we got to see a beautiful sunset over the lake! I took pictures, but they didn't do it justice.

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From: claribella
Date: Sep. 22nd, 2004 10:31 pm (UTC)

hey girly..haven't seen you around here in a while.

Check in we miss ya!

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From: happy_scrapper
Date: Sep. 23rd, 2004 04:34 am (UTC)

I'm still here! I promise! I've just been really busy around here! I hope to update my journal tonight!

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From: claribella
Date: Oct. 19th, 2004 09:59 pm (UTC)

Missing ya again!
Hey are you gonna add me as you friend or what! ;)

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